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What is Spray Foam Insulation

Energy efficient Spray Foam insulation Michigan, when properly installed, deliver energy savings of up to 45% for the life of your property. I’ve been in plenty of these homes and can tell you that when Spray Foam is installed properly, they outperform 99% of fiberglass batt-insulated, stick-built homes.

What is Open-Cell SPray Foam

Open-cell Spray Foam insulation is a spray-applied, half pound density, non-structural, thermal insulation material used in wall cavities, floor assemblies, ceiling assemblies and in attic applications. The Open-cell foam insulation Michigan residents immediately see is a performance upgrade over conventional insulation that leads to energy

What is Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Closed-cell Spray Foam insulation is one of the most efficient insulating materials commercially available, with aged R-Values reaching 7.5 per inch. Two inches of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation will minimize air infiltration, exfiltration, convection, conduction and control solar driven moisture